Are Visual Effects Dramatically Improving Film or Mistakenly Damaging Film?

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This was such a helpful write up for my essay. It gave me all the prove that Visual effects can in many ways be harmful to the film industry. Some of the harms the writer mentioned are that of lately films have been done with heavy visual effects. Film makers nowadays give more attention on visual effects than the story line. This makes the narration very poor but with very good visual effects and that doesn’t make much sense. This, together with other factors, can lead to the death of cinematography. Another important thing he mentioned was that today VFX might also kill the acting scene. Acting might decrease because of VFX and today actors have to face and talk to invisible characters while shooting that are later replaced by CG characters. As read in another article, actors in films may now be replaced by digital acting. 



This is a funny but at the same time sad, video I found portraying a common experience of a VFX artist in the film industry. It shows the hard time they are passing through, and how they are being treated.

Trouble in the visual effects paradise: The bankruptcy of Rhythm & Hues company


As I explained earlier, this is  a great video describing the financial situation of Rhythm & Hues VFX company. Basically a large number of VFX artists who work ( or used to , since 250 got fired ) protested at the time that R&H were having their Oscars. They protested since they weren’t having enough rights, and also not payed. They also protested that without these visual artist these film could’t be made since 90% of these movies made by R&H are visual effects.

VFX Company Rhythm & Hues Protested Last Night’s Oscar Ceremony


This is a protest organized by VFX artists that was held right before the 2013 Oscar awards. Rhythm and Hues suffered from bankruptcy and fired over 250 employees without getting paid. Artist protested about not having enough rights and not treated as other workers in this industry. As the VFX supervisor of R&H, Bill Westenhofer was giving the Oscar speech, this microphone was switched of as he was about to tell the audience about the current financial situation. 

“I am not saying that 2D matte paintings will not exist, but matte painters with solid 3D technical knowledge, experience , and skill will benefit from the future creations of matte paintings.” By Alp Altiner

This is what Alp Altiner, a professional Matte Painter said when interviewed by FX guide. In this interview when asked what’s the future of matte painting, he stated that it would probably be more 3D based rather than a flat 2D mattepainting.